expand_less To tell the origins of Nitima, we must speculate on a lost history of the Old War. There are numerous stories from that time, all thought of as lies or allegories, the truth lost somewhere in the fires and the prisons where the titans wait. But they are what we have.
As the Old War came to a close, Zaegos began to appreciate his new level of fame and authority brought by leading the battle again the forces of chaos. Just as he was beginning to like the taste, he was visited by an oracle before a great battle. The oracle warned of a titan pregnant with child, who, if born, would be wiser than he.  Zaegos feared that the child would usurp his power after the war. In the battle he encountered only one titan who seemed of child, and he swallowed her whole.
After the Old War, Zaegos got building his new kingdom, and married seven times, having many children. Happy. However, as time went on, his mind became corrupted with thoughts so complex and infinite, that they began to drive him mad. He pleaded for relief, but nothing could be done. Eventually (hepehastus standin - yun glei) complied with a desperate cry to chop his head off with an axe, and end the pain eternally. The head of Zaegos fell upon the swing of the axe. From his bleeding head was born a goddess, woman dressed for war, the foretold child of the titan of the Old War - Nitima.
Zaegos, from any who look at him, see a head still on his neck. But no one truly sees Zaegos.
Many choose to ignore this story, thinking of Nitima strictly as Zaegos's daughter. However, there are whispers from time to time, if Zaegos does fear his daughter even still.
Nitima is a gooddes of the beauty of mind , strategy, especially war strategy, the complex thought, and philosophy. She is a popular goddess around the worlds, often invited due to a blessing on armies and ships. Her temples are found all over. She has the ability to desing beuatiful thoughts, beautiful thinking things. Things that think for no other reason than to think pretty. In this way her influence is quite abstract, but she also often uses this cunning to influence the players of war.
Nitima has remained a virgin her entire life, and all her worshippers taken on a vow of chastity to emulate her.  Like most high powered women of the Mironen, she has survived a rape attempt or two.
Nitima has given many gifts to the living, mostly to do with war: the wagon, chariot, horse bit, shipmaking, sea navigation, and is often willing to assist those who look to work with metal and make tools for war.
Nitima thinks highly of herself and is willing to challenge many people to contests. This leads to her sometimes failing to her hubris, having to make ammends to people she has prematurely slain, blinded, and otherwise smited - making magical ammends.
Nitima prefers hereos who use cunning over those who use brute strength.
Social era: She has a competition with poseidon stand in
trojan war allegory  - offers paris fame and glory in war
Visual: Nitima is often seen in a temple in an olive grove with a bronze palm tree, a golden lamp, and many bronze and terracotta bells. It is  said that the bells ring when a thought of eternal beauty has been created. Nitima usually walks around in the garb of war - a shield, helmet, spear, sword, and so on. She often is accompanied by a serpent who prefers honeycakes. Some say it is her son.
RP: Above is more than enough info, but to say the least, Nitima is smart and wants to view the world as a competitive and engaging world that awards intelligence. She does not delight in bloodshed, but does like the puzzle of war strategy and the positive impact of resolving conflicts. She is naive of any possible fear from Zaegos.
In nature she is an owl with a head of snakes.