Will you cross the Ledge?  Come join us for a night of harrowing truths, solemn vows, and peaceful death.  Learn the secrets of the immortals, live the intrigue of the old houses, and revel in the power of the avatars.  Perhaps by the end you'll make your own mark on the World of the Ledge.

Vei'Dathan Continent Map

  • Welcome Across!

    Would you like to play in a new world and help test a new RPG system?  Find us on Meetup here, checkout the current campaigns: A Maze of Grain (Group 1), A Maze of Grain (other Groups), or support us on Patreon here.   This website serves as the main repository for information and resources related to this ambitious project.  Much remains to be done, but with your help we can bring our stories to life.