Ela Ohm God+v1

Stygmyrgxys The We, Titan of the Swarm

- An old god willed a great beast out in the Before. It could eat itself 

and replicate itself simultaneously at an impossible speed. 

It was purely a toy to

see the whole of it vribrate and jitter around like a bug. And for that 

reason a great number of 

embellishments were attached, immense bursts of mass and destruction and 

expulsion, like so many balloons being popped and inflated.

In very quick time it became a dense mass of wants. It had no clear thoughts, 

but a clear emergent reason and decision. A sentience not so far away from

 intelligence, but much closer to belief.

For a short time the old god found this curious and let it play out, growing larger, and forming

clear parts, as if immense storms of life aimed all their lightning and rain sideways, 

into other friendly storms, speaking, listening, and choosing direction.

It was at this time the old god became tired of the toy and looked to end it, 

but found that

this strucure of being was far more able to survive in of itself. A hard rule.

And so it was named, and then locked behind one of the great old gates.