3.P Gameplay House Rules+Base Stats

Tiered Gestalt allows for powerful characters, and frequently this means that their stats are off the charts (literally, in some cases).  This can put some characters dramatically behind (for example those that rely on summoned creatures).  Whenever a player brings a familiar, companion, cohort, or other minion to the battlefield, they can choose to have it use "Base Stats" rather than its own stats.  These base stats are the average of all tiered gestalt characters I've tracked for that minion's level.  As such, they represent a decent baseline, and won't be immediately outclassed.  However, if you choose to use this base stats, the minion can't benefit from additional buffs of any kind - they're essentially locked to these averages.

Players with many minions are advised to form them into troops or other groups for ease of play.  Talk to the GM about these options.