Yun is the color of constitution, endurance, and fortitude.  It's the sum of one's parts, the greater whole, and how well they're put together.  A high Yun individual is healthy, vigorous, and capable.  In other contexts, Yun refers to the fertility and health of the land and earth.

With Biz, Yun includes workers, traders, laborers, and merchants.  Those whose physical efforts and personal wealth are intertwined stem from these colors.

With Wim, Yun controls the axis of power and aspects of the physical form or body.  Many extraordinary abilities are based in these colors, as Wim asserts itself as the source of all power and Yun emerges as the effect of that power.

With Jutu, Yun represents freedom and oppression.  Corporeal and symbolic bondage is no match for a thriving and liberated people.

Sace and Vei are the colors most indifferent to Yun.  Magic subverts power and the natural laws upon which it depends.  A man can use fortitude to resist its effects, but ultimately he is powerless to control magic unless he also possesses the wisdom or charisma to properly manage the emotions of himself and others.

A nomad is perhaps a good example of a Yun character.  Living off the land, exchanging goods and services with various peoples, and generally seeking an escape from war or oppression well describe a nomad.  The aimlessness that comes from a lack of motivation or direction highlights a conflict with Wim.

Most real life commoners, tradesmen, middle or low class individuals would probably fall under this color.  Douglas Mawson might be a good fit for the color, both because of his career as a geologist and his incredible story of endurance in the artic.  Biz played its characteristic karmic role as both a boon in his early life and a curse in the winter of his life (see his unlucky arrival after his ordeal).  Jutu plays less of a role, but his dedication to exploring new spaces is notable.  While certainly motivated and determined to survive, he requested leave from military service in WWI and expressed concerns about the use and maintenance of certain munitions, hinting at a conflict with Wim.

Yun maps most closely to the classic color Green:

Hex: 00FF00
RGB: (0, 255, 0)
HSV: (120, 100, 100)

Other associations:

  • Flesh
  • Plants
  • Slavery
  • Preveral or late winter (in six-season calendars)
  • Venom/Poison