Wry is the combination of all the other colors, except Ohm.  Capable of everything and nothing, it represents a duality between the possible and the impossible.  Classically associated with the Primes of Life, Chaos, and Evil, it could just as easily apply to Death, Order, and Good.  While all things contain some element of every color, Wry is reserved for those that strive to balance all things equally.

Wry is never paired with another color and always appears alone.  Its extremely versatility is balanced with a lack of power or substance.  It is capable of doing anything, barely.

Few keywords naturally fit within Wry, as only those that would naturally fit in four or more colors gravitate toward Wry.  For example, pairings of keywords such as Avataric Power, Immortal Secret, or Legendary Style would generally be associated with Wry.

Wry doesn't map to any single color but to the entire spectrum of colors.  The term Rainbow is often used to contrast with the classic colors.

Other Associates:

  • Light / Darkness
  • Diversity
  • Revelation / Expression
  • Access