Vei Ohm God+v1

Vis'Ras the Freed Servant -Titan of the Forgotten Time


We know not what the old gods were, but this dreadful sickly proto-celestial being knows it all.  He keeps his mouth shut for reasons now lost. A sad old and all knowing thing, driven mad one moment and quiet the next for what they have witnessed,
and what they expect to come. And so we have Vis'ras - said to have once been a servant to beings now long dead. They cling to the charms of the past, and have the stooped posture of the betrayed. Many titans have diffuclty adjusting to the void and life now, but Vis'ras especially has never come to terms. They still experience time all at once, and it is not known when exactly Vis'ra is. There may be many at once or perhaps different peices across different times or timelines, which some think explains their collapse of thought.

Sometimes they want simply to be left alone with their memories, those so rough in their draft that they tremble to hold on to them. Now free from servitude, they dream of creating a paradise free of remembering, but finds their power lacking here, and so tries ways of gaining power, including gaining some followers -  rather odd thing for a titan. However nothing seems to work.

Miserable and sick, they are one day turned to ash by Nakana in the First Debate, in effect a sort of daughter to Vis'Ras. Nakana seeks only to convince Vis'ras to find their maddening truths as a responsibility and a blessing, but this in effect unravels the strucutre that kept Vis'Ras in this world. It is not know whether the titan died or simply one piece vanished.

From Vis'ras's last follower was born the god Rajiyu.



Story  connection to Vei:

Like other titans, they were at one time imprisoned behind a gate
    - However, as a servant to the old gods Vis'Ra was privy to all the terrible truths of reality, and like his sisters
went mad with wisdom, time, and knowledge
    - titans eventually escaped The Before  and created the void and the first gods
    - Vis'Ra had long fantasized of their freedom and wanted nothing but to forget what was in their head
    and behave like the old gods had, moving endless energy into great expereiments and joys
        - they wanted some kind of paradise to exscape their memories and madness
    - however they found that the void had a limited enrgy, limited resources, and that though they had magic still,
        its scope felt quite small in comparison to before
    - They began to gather followers and mimic new gods in other ways, in hopes it might escelate their powers, but it did not
        - this is why there are a small number of followers at all
    - Eventually Vis'ra meets Nakana, in some ways his daughter, and wants nothing but to learn of her
        - But Nakana only sees someone who is misguided, beleiving in multiple truths, and beleiveing in no responsibility to seek and spread the truth
    - So they debate, Nakana winning the few followers Vis'ra had, but ultimately battling with a mind already deeply hampered
        - Seperating and debating the madness of Vis'ra simply seperates and divides their mind, their power, until they crumble
            - as much defeated by the order of Nikana, as much as happy to find some place to rest

THEMES: knowing all truth either corrupts or impedes choice. Wisdom does nothing for those who are forgotten/ill/used. Knowing every deep secret of the universe is chaos. for the universe is filled with evil secrets as well. And the contraditions may never leave one alone.  It is only with order that wisdom can appear in a state of calm, can choose a direction, and be a path.