Saint Template Class+Sanctification


Even an epic-level character is probably a long way from becoming a deity, at least in most campaigns. However, there is a goal to which the purest and most devoutly good characters can aspire at almost any level: sainthood. No temple or religious organization needs to give its formal approval for a character to become a saint. Rather, sainthood is a gift bestowed by the deities of good and the mightiest celestials to those exalted heroes who deserve it.

In order to qualify for sainthood, a character must meet the following qualifications, as well as any additional requirements set by the DM:

• Must be of good alignment
• Must have at least three exalted feats
• Must never have lost the benefit of exalted feats or class abilities because of committing an evil act, even if the character properly atoned
• Must at all times behave in a way the DM considers to be exemplary of the exalted path described in this book
• Must be at least 6th level
• Must make an extraordinary sacrifice (not necessarily his or her life) for the good of another

A character who meets these criteria and achieves this pinnacle of sanctification can acquire the saint template, detailed in Chapter 8: Monsters, at the DM’s discretion. Upon acquiring the template (usually shortly after making the great sacrifice that confirmed her exalted status), the character sacrifices her next two levels of advancement in order to “catch up” with the (artificially low) level adjustment of the template. For example, a 7th-level paladin who becomes a saint becomes the equivalent of a 9th-level character.  She must accumulate a total of 45,000 XP to gain another level, becoming an 8th-level paladin and a 10th-level character.

A saint is still a far cry from godhood; she is more like an earthly celestial. However, saints have an advantage over ordinary mortals where the good deities are concerned: the deities always hear their prayers and pay attention. In game terms, this translates to a handful of minor spell-like abilities. In the game world, however, people tend to flock to saints in order to receive their blessings and bring their concerns to the ears of the deities. Saints often spend an hour in prayer every day, simply lifting up the names of those who have approached them for help and asked them to pray on the supplicants’ behalf.