expand_less Some sages never grow up, maintaining a child-like personality and outlook throughout their life.  Others choose to become cultural critics, attacking traditional values or figures of authority.  Still others benefit from inversed humors, virginity, or the chaste life of aestheticism, which confounds traditional notions of ki, essence, and other life energies.  Together, these are known as Sages of Complete Fictions, for they are both rare and exceptions to the rules held true by most.
Charismatic Focus: Sages of Complete Fictions use their Charisma modifier instead of their Wisdom modifier for their practitioner modifier, casting ability modifier, and for other class features of the sage class, such as their AC Bonus and Ki Pool.
Full Blast: Sages of Complete Fictions must choose Ki Blaster as their 1st level esoteric training.  They have the Energy Focus (sonic) drawback and a sonic blast type bonus talent chosen at first level.  If they have a casting tradition, they must take the verbal casting drawback.
This modifies the sage's esoteric training.
Play Time (Ex): A Sage of Complete Fictions can spend 1 hour playing with toys or games, reading, painting, or otherwise engaging with the arts in private.  This ability otherwise functions as, counts as, and replaces the Meditation class feature of the sage.
Unique Esotery (Su): In addition to the esoteries available to other sages, a Sage of Complete Fiction has access to a number of unique esoteries.  They must select one of the following esoteries at 2nd, 6th, 10th, and 14th level, if available.
Inspire Hope or Despair: Allies and enemies heed your words, true or not.  As a standard action, you may fill a single target with hope or despair, as if affected by the good hope or crushing despair spells (as a caster of your level).  In the case of despair, the target can negate the effect with a successful Will save.  You may only target a given creature with this ability once every 24 hours.  This is an emotion, language-dependent, and mind-affecting effect.
Rhetorical Flourish: You rapidly change topics and employ confusing rhetoric to distract people from your true intent.  You gain the benefit of the Rhetorical Flourish feat, and may duplicate the effects of the confusion talent of the mind sphere as a standard action.  This is a language-dependent and mind-affecting effect.
Blistering Invective: You unleash an insulting tirade so vicious and spiteful that enemies who hear it are physically scorched by your fury.  When you activate a ki blast ability, you may spend a ki point to make an Intimidate check to demoralize each enemy within 30 feet of you.  Enemies that are demoralized this way take fire damage equal to your ki blast damage unless they make a Reflex save for half.  Those that fail this save also catch fire.  Spell Resistance can negate the fire damage, but does not protect the creature from the demoralizing effect.  This is a fear, fire, language-dependent, and mind-affecting effect.
The sage must be at least 4h level to select this esotery.
Agonizing Rebuke: With a word and a gesture, you instill such apprehension about attacking you in your target that doing so causes it mental distress and pain.  As a standard action, you may spend a ki point to have a target living creature make a Will save.  If it fails, each time it makes an attack against you, targets you with a harmful spell, or otherwise takes an action that would harm you, it takes nonlethal damage equal to your ki blast.  This effect lasts for 1 round/level, and you may spend a ki point as a free action whenever it would take damage from this ability to increase that damage as normal for a ki blast.  This is an emotion, language-dependent, mind-affecting, and pain effect.
The sage must be at least 6th level to select this esotery.
Language Focus: Sages of Complete Fictions must select Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Linguistics, Perform (comedy), Perform (oratory), or a language-based Artistry, Craft, or Profession skill for their Skill Focus bonus feats.
This modifies a sage's bonus Skill Focus feats.