Pathfinder 1st Edition Class Tiers

Tier 0: Nothing (no published class is this powerful, but they can be with certain builds like a practical painter wizard or with certain capstones like the spellvampire shifter's Forever Evolving)

Tier 0.5: Sorcerer (Razmiran Priest)

Tier 1: Arcanist, Cleric, Druid, Psion (w/ Psychic Reformation), Wilder (w/ Psychic Reformation), Wizard, 

Tier 1.5: Bard (w/ Music Beyond the Spheres), Oracle (Spirit Guide, w/ Dreamed Secrets, Ancient Lorekeeper), Psion, Psychic (w/ Mnemonic Esoterica), Shaman, Skald (w/ Music Beyond the Spheres), Summoner (Blood Summoner), Witch

Tier 2: Harbinger, Mystic, Oracle, Sorcerer, Summoner, Wilder (w/ Student's Surge, Human FCB), 

Tier 2.5: Aspect, Channeler, Eclipse (w/ occultation), Inquisitor (Monster Tactician), Occultist (by Radiance House), Psychic, Rajah, Sage (w/ ki clone), Shadow Weaver, Spiritualist (by Drop Dead Studios), Stalker, Voyager, Warder, Wilder, Zealot

Tier 3: Alchemist, Antipaladin (Fiendish Bond w/ succubus or shadow demon), Bloodrager (Urban), Cryptic, Daevic (w/ Knowledge Passion), Dilettante, Dread (w/o fear immune enemies), Enlightened Scholar (w/ spellcasting), Fey Adept, Highlord, Incanter, Inquisitor, Investigator, Magus (Bladebound, Eldritch Archer, Hexcrafter), Medic, Mesmerist, Occultist, Paladin (Sacred Servant + Oath of Vengeance), Omdura, Psychic Warrior, Rogue (Eldritch Scoundrel), Skald, Soul Weaver, Tactician, Thaumaturge, Unchained Summoner, Vigilante (w/ spellcasting), Vitalist, Vizier, Warlord, Warpriest

Tier 3.5: Aegis, Antipaladin, Armiger, Armorist, Bard, Barbarian (most archetypes), Blacksmith, Bloodrager, Brawler (most archetypes), Commander, Conscript, Dragoon, Eclipse (w/o occultation), Elementalist, Eliciter, Hedgewitch, Hunter, Guru, Mageknight, Magus, Medium, Mountebank, Necros, Nexus, Paladin, Prodigy, Radiant, Reaper, Sage (w/o ki clone), Scholar, Sentinel, Shifter (by Drop Dead), Soulknife (Gifted Blade), Spiritualist, Stormbound, Striker, Symbiat, Technician, Thaumaturge (Savant), Troubadour, Wraith, Zodiac (Lunar)

Tier 4: Adept, Barbarian, Brawler, Daevic, Demon Hunter, Echo, Fighter (Martial Master, Mutation Warrior), Marksman, Ranger, Rogue (True Professional), Unchained Barbarian, Unchained Monk, Unchained Rogue, Vampire Hunter, Vigilante, Voltaic, War Dancer, Zodiac (Solar)

Tier 4.5: Enlightened Scholar (w/o spellcasting), Fighter, Kineticist, Kusa, Shifter, Slayer, Monk (Monk of the Lotus, Qinggong Monk), Ninja, Rogue (most archetypes), Soulknife, Successor

Tier 5: Cavalier, Gunslinger, Paramour, Monk (most archetypes), Samurai, Swashbuckler, Rogue, Vauntguard

Tier 5.5: Expert, Monk, Dread (w/ fear immune enemies)

Tier 6: Aristocrat, Commoner, Warrior

Others: Gentleman (the class is satirical / intentionally unplayable)