Pantheons+Sace+Magic Era

The curtain is moved and the silver plate is now clean. The priests give a nod. The boy places his hand on my chest, and I place my hand on his. The priest marries the gods, and so blesses the king, the oncoming seasons, and the agreement between men and the gods.

The boy looks at me, and weaves a finger through the reeds of my dress, his pinky touching my stomach. I am not supposed to move, but I do, taking a quick step back.


There was always Enamzu - an endless magic of the gods drifting throughout all of the Void - and they pulsed with the currents provided by Order and Chaos, their wild magics crackling with anticipation, exploring, seeking something, anything, to please their many curious needs. But they yearned fruitlessly, Order having forbidden Enamzu from expanding and so threatening the balance. The more Enamzu sought the answer to these desires, the more their needs grew, and so they pleaded with Order for a mate, but these requests were always denied.

   However Enamzu continued the impossible task of seeking someone to touch anyway, and as time went on, they began to compensate their needs with conjuring forms across their miasmic magical expanse that were scintillating distractions of textures and bodies and emotions. The scent of a protocosmic musk, a hot tendral of wild magic insanity pulsing with the catlytic spark of galaxies, long gleaming plains spread and waving and collapsing and centered with an endless regress of dazzling infinite patterns going deeper and deeper and deeper into a kaleidoscopic fervor of joy and light. And of course simple ephemeral portraits of how something with all of this would meet them, how they would touch, and how Order would never know the pleasure.

For a time this sated Enamzu, but eventually it only drove them over the edge. They retreated to a corner of the Void away from view, and washed over themself. Deep deep went the excitement, down below the bedrock of the void, where Enamzu kept these varied fantasies, and as they reached their first peak, the many shapes and desires of Enamzu found a name - Entiatzu. And so it was that Enamzu made a lover of herself.

Whereas Enamzu knew no form to constrain their magic, Entiatzu had been given body and so is rumored to be the sea of great magic dust. Eitherway, Entiatzu looked around, and, being of Enamzu, felt and echoed their primal emotions. They touched for some time, causing from them a crash of foam and froth. Enamzu’s flow sometimes matched Entiatzu’s ebb, and at other times wrestled with it. From the tides came colors and patterns powerful enough to make armies cry and entire cities cheer. From the surging of these energies they explored becoming one, only to drift apart for a fraction of a second before crashing into a single entity yet again. Enamzu and Entiatzu shook the Void and unleashed a devastating mystic flood, turning the nothingness into a realm birthed by their sex.

   So were born Muuru and Glei, and this delighted Enamzu to no end. They were all in love for some time, and so Glei gave birth to new forms of life - The Ijiji. For each ijiji born, Glei gifted them with a Des, a vessel holding a new technology from the gods. One was given Love, another Anger. Some had Woodworking or Language. On went Glei's children spreading these gifts, the number and kind a secret to all but him. To house their children, Glei and Muuru built An - a city in the depths of Enamzu's folds. It was a glorious place where the ijiji were full of love and magic. The roads of An were soon filled with many followers who worshipped their creators, and applied themselves to the labor of running the city. However Enamzu and Entiatzu continued to touch, and so flooded An frequently, disrupting the Ijiji's work.

   As the unrest of the Ijiji grew,  one day Muuru and Glei found themselves face to face with a sister who had emerged from Enamzu all on her own - Qenihyrs. She visited shortly, only to say hello, and admit her deep love for her mother, before sinking back into the mass of Enamzu's love. There was much confusion about their new sibling, though, like their mother, they loved Qenihyrs unconditionally and wished her well.  

Unrest in the city rose to a fervor as many people were displaced by the floods, their work was made parilous, and then one day one of Muuru's major temples was entirely destroyed. Perhaps worst of all, all childen of Enamzu, down to the Ijiji, often were overtaken by the all consuming magical desire and feelings of Enamzu. For one second they may rule over themselves, and the next moment find themselves a slave to Enamzu's unpredictable urges.Muuru and Glei resisted the prayers of the Ijiji for along time to protect their mother and their sister inside her. However, time took its toll, and they admitted that something must be done if the Ijiji were to live on.

With the blessing of Order, Qenihyrs was taken out of Enamzu and thrust into the city of An. Soon after they locked Enamzu deep under the city, forever limiting Enamzu's influence.


Three nights have passed and the king has kept the boy separated from me. I tent with two of the king's servants.
There is a girl here around my age who is in love with everything. She loves the gods. And the king. And food. And drink.
She drinks more wine than anyone I've ever seen. She brought me a little crown last night, made of woven leaves and little flowers.

This morning she would not stop talking about the gods and me. Things that would get her killed, if others heard.
When I had to go she kissed me and held our bodies tightly against one another. She is trying to marry the gods too, I think.
But I don't mind.