Pantheons+Biz+Social Era

What follows is my memory of the 200 year warring period.

Any reader will likely know a piece, and royalty may know the battles by heart. I wish only to recount the impact it had on us. Where it brought us. Why we chose to go on. Children often cannot comprehend why a war would go on so long. And yet it did. Further, they can not understand our happiness. And yet many of us were.

Elves, dwarves, and qin spread throughout the centered earth. Some occupied the tiniest village, while others great cities with towering temples.
We all believed in an allied and unified land, and provided what we could to others. We were interconnected, but in some ways dependent.
One of the largest kingdoms was called Chany'e, and one day the kingdom collapsed. The king died, and surrounding nations saw an opportunity for independence, and so hundreds of nations mounted armies towards Chany'e.

It is of little consequence to record every individual battle of the war for over two centuries. It tore the centered earth from balance, and Yatchu left us, while Zoareaos and Ba grew in prominence of worship, temples, and sacrifice. War suited many of us, and we found a great pleasure in the order of honor. Many battles were simply opportunities for strategy, which we would end before many would die,
admitting defeat when it was clear. Many bones were carved and burnt to find the outcomes of wars. Many stars were read for the fortune of a loved one on the battlefield. Much wine was consumed. Alchemists found many patrons for weapons, magic, and other tools of fortune. We all grew rich from those seeking an advantage.

However the one thing people could not find
a place for was the growing prominence of beaurocratic life. A tax for the war we understood, but the ethical codes of national religion, this was someting we believed but could not quite conceive.  It was lucky that I have always been this old and wise, for the emporer of Louqing would have me as an advisor in this matter. I've often been blamed, but I was under as much pressure as the nation. Still, I am sometimes credited with what solutions I could make out. I hope that our people will have found place for peaceand patience in this time through what I decided.

With much the same absoluteness, one day the wars were all over, the final victor only seeking unity. So my city was then named Louqing. And things went on. With the blood and the gold and the fortune, the centered earth underwent
its own transformation with houses and temples and fields of grain. There was now wealth to the life here. And many temples to life itself, to Ba, to nature.

And so Ba saw this. And the dragons awoke from the sea.

   ~~~  ~~~  ~~~

Now we are almost to the now, and I imagine many of you will have skipped to this next era when you first opened this scroll. I understand this is a confusing time, and you may not understand why I may be leaving. I will do my best to lead you, as the sage some of you know me by.

I have decided to hide the bones. I do not see the harm in explaining. As many of you know, I have seen many of the defining moments of the centered earth. That is my way.