Pantheons+Biz+Natural Era

I remember before we were on two feet collecting grain. Before the centered earth was seperated from the round sky, there were floods, lightning, storms, erupting deserts, lava. Yatchu balanced the universe, but they did not inform us of the balance to this world. Zoaraeos sent only the prophecy of a dark purple sky - secluding the heavens from us. It was only the ten suns and the ten moons we could see through the clouds. The dragons of Ba slept under the sea and rested from the hot irons of creation. Everything was alive except those who had made it so.

Then came unicorns, dog dragons from the east, the eelbirds from the south, and the turtle monkeys from the north. Here was easy prey for them, but they were easily prey the next day. Life was occupied with not drowning or burning or being eclipsed or staying hidden while one bled under the last dry leaf. It was the way.

One day a great old turtle monkey befriended a wild dog dragon. Dog dragons love to eat turtle monkies, and they're most often encountered accidentally on the ground when they are bloody with a meal. But the dog dragon was weak and starving, another life struggling from the constant natural thrashing. The turtle monkey never thought to be afraid. And instead saw their suffering. The turtle monkey burrowed a home for them and they kept one another company.
When the dog dragon had recovered, it thought to eat its caretaker, but found it could not betray its friend. It felt universal love towards its kind and nature, and found a new hope.

They traveled the centered earth. The turtle monkey could burrow and build mud walls, draining the flooded lands, while the  dog dragon
would heat the mud into brick, lead life to safety, and keep them charmed by their subdued ferocity. They were the first engineers of the centered earth. Yatchu smiled upon their balance, and blessed them, helping to find homes for the elements. And so nature found its order in partnership with the gods and life.

The gods looked upon all the dead in the underworld and sought to create a guardian for the life, and so created from the eelbirds and turtle monkeys the ancestral intelligent animal - Paofuxi. She was half snake and half of skin, standing on two feet, and with a sharp mind - the first queen. She fell in love with the dragon dog, and the gods saw them marry.

Paofuxi wished to make love to her new bride, and so the gods sent magic down. Paofuxi's wife rested under a bell, and she was told that she must wait 357 days before lifting the bell. Paofuxi watched the seasons go by, but her heart grew tired and desperate, and on the 300th day, she could no longer resist, and lifted the bell to see her love.  There she found her bride who had changed into a body of standing legs and an upright spine like her's, but the head of the dog she loved. She considered this great luck, and the queens went to bed for a century, spreading their
joyful children across the centered earth.

 ~~~  ~~~  ~~~

Louqing looks happily on this era now. Viewing it as a humble time when gods and life lived together but apart. Though marked by its chaos and death,  they focus now on the hidden harmony in this sort of nature. A storm, after all, does not tear down your roof because it is angry.
It is the storm's way. Some days Ba will shine down on you, and the sky may rain only flowers. Nature is in its order, and life must find the balance.

The guard has brought me a good drink and a stuffed pipe. I'll return to this tomorrow.