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Erinetes is a sister of Zaegos. She is the goddess of seasons, harvest, fertility, birth, resurrection, civilization, and the sacred laws of the Mironen and their cults.

She brings the storms that inseminate the earth, the spreading of the seeds on the winds, and Spring and all of its sprouting children. She is a mother to Earth, but also to the underworld and death. She understands the holy cycle of the dead seed in the ground coming to life again, and so understands the same for a dead mortal in the ground as well, given fate should have it. This connection with eternity is the bed for many rumors surrounding a possible relationship between her and the Titan Asaamktpearyn the Eternal - who was banished along with most others in the Old War. These rumors have sometimes fed Zaegos's jealousy, causing him to smite others who might work for the titan or beo ther potential suitors to his sister.

She inspires great fertility and sex in others.

In the kingdom of Zaegos, she is often concerned with preserving the elements that make life and nature beautiful, by her brother's definition. The ripeness of a body or a fruit. The fertility of gods.  And that shimmering aesthetic of the immortals and the prescious and delicate frame of mortals as well.

Erinetes has mated and birthed many children with her brother Zaegos.

Erinetes is intrinsically tied to life on worlds, and if hidden or hurt, seasons may begin to stall or dissapear, casuing an extinction of Nature and all life that depends on it to survive.

Erinetes is seen sometimes as a god of civilization, as agriculture brings order and life  to the mortals. For this reason, she is also the holder of  sacred laws -  rules by which, if broken, summon the ill tempers of the gods. Although some are common knowledge, others remain secret to any outside her cults.

Due to her tie to agriculture, she is sometimes tied to the early intellectual and techological advances that allowed society to progress. This would be most relevant in later eras.


RP: Erinetes has a somewhat ditanced but positive outlook on strangers. She can act rather territorial, loyal, and extreme at times. She has expereinced a number of traumas due to the unwanted advances and other actions from powerful gods that have lead to rape, murder, abduction, and other forms of violence in the past. It is for this reason that her control of the seasons is a bit of side job, a curiosity of mortals, and she is more concerned with the sacred laws, enforcing them, and the eternal cycle. She has a strong sense of mourning, but equally strong a feeling on rebirth, healing, and changing. Her emotions may reflect the seasons, from time to time, but mostly it is tough to say. There is clear sense of Erinetes being emotionally on guard around most, but her friends.

Visual: Erinetes can be seen currounded by the symbols of fruit, wheat, grain, the seasons, horses, the cemetery, pregnancy, the storms, the seeds, the sprouts, and virgins.

She appears a bit like the iconic virgin herself. A woman in the everlasting prime of her adulthood. Sometimes she is pregnant. Othertimes not. She sometimes wears all black to mourn in the cemetery. Othertimes beautiful cloths of natural colors. 

She is sometimes the color of poppies. Sometimes standing in the ploughed field.  It is said  she may, infrequently, take on the look of a woman made of nature itself: trees, flowers, fruits, birds, rocks, water, and so on.

In Nature Era she is a horse or hippopatamus.