Jiix Extra Sheet+Private Description

You are a Nagual, a shapeshifter that can take the form of a man, a jaguar, and even something in-between.  You were born with a sympathetic link to the animals of your jungle home, and given a symbol of power to mark your birth.  As was foretold, you were initiated into the arts of magic by the shamans of your village, and set on a course to achieve your destiny.  But, alas, the best-laid plans of gods and men often go awry, and you fell victim to the chaos of the Cataclysm.

Thousands of years later, you were reincarnated by a Wryllenic Bloom, in what is now the Great Southern Plains of Vei'Datha.  You remember little of your previous life, and have been forced to relearn the difference between men and monsters.  For you suffer from a terrible curse also: cravings of flesh and blood flood your mind in idle moments.  Perhaps for this reason, you joined with the Ohmani Necromancers to learn their magical arts, and now you've tapped into the secrets of a second great tradition.

Through grit and determination, you've shown an aptitude for necromancy and capitalized on every opportunity to learn.  Though Residents such as yourself are never allowed to become Masters of Phylacteries proper, you've nevertheless attracted the attention of several Citizens of their order.  Reviled by the common folk for practicing black magic, and despised by the civilized Ohmani as a dangerous upstart, you've often found yourself clashing with both sides. 

You wouldn't have survived the early years had it not been for Marko Doriavo, who both saved you from the Wild Dead swarming your Wryllenic Bloom and shielded you from the worst of Ohmani society.  You owe him your life, but seek only peace and the restoration of the land.  Until those goals can be secured, you continue to train and wait in the shadows.

(The above is a default story for Jiix.  Feel free to change anything.  It answers some questions, but see those below.)


Questions to answer:

Your character is a young adult.  How would you describe their appearance?

Your character is a Nagual with a terrible curse.  Are the two linked, or separate?  Were you born as a Nagual with this curse, or were you cursed later?  Did these emerge only after your rebirth?

Your character knows a mystical tradition that is part psychic, part divine.  It allows you to commune with animals and cast spells in moments of meditation or extreme mental focus.  How did you learn this magic tradition?  Are you self-taught, or did you study under another?

Your character knows a secret tradition of black magic.  Now you can weave Life, Death, and Fate.  When and where did you learn these secrets?

Magic in the World of the Ledge is tied to an emotion.  Your magic is strongest in this emotional state, and weakest when you are possessed by a different sensation.  What emotion is the source of your magic?

Your character bears a mark or deformity on the face or hands that clearly identifies them as a practitioner of the dark arts.  The witchmark remains even when you change forms.  What does it look like and how did you get it?

You were reborn in a Wryllenic Bloom.  Did your character die in the Cataclysm, or was there some other reason for your emergence in the bloom?  For example, were you exiled from the material plane for a few thousand years?

Your character spent some time in the Great Southern Plains.  Did you ever visit or live in the Ohmani village of Gandertown?  What about the fortresses of Syrohi's Bridge or the Keep of the Canal?

You've participated in a bloodtouched rite.  These necromantic rituals are forbidden in most lands, but grant power at great sacrifice.  Without it, you may not have survived this long.  What's the story here?

Is your character religious?  Do they worship a deity, an abstract ideal, or some other philosophy?  Do they have a personal code of conduct?

Does your character have a reputation?  Are they infamous, famous, or generally unknown?

You are now working for the Ohmani, as you owe a life debt to Marko Doriavo.  Why do you owe this debt?  And how did you come to work for the Ohmani?

Is your character considered to be a Resident, Denizen, or Citizen by the Ohmani?