Glei Sace God+v1

Axxio, God of Attraction

Axxio is a lust focused, heavily self centered god who believes that the appearance of one's form is at the height of importance. He spends most of his time scouring the world for exquisite beauties of all forms, and is known for having many affairs with other beings. Mortals often pray to him asking for assistance in their love lives, which he often meddles with purely to see how they unfold. He is extremely loyal to Sensus, and serves him by finding beautiful individuals to share with the god, despite him being all seeing. Many of the other gods look down on him for his lack of sophistication and pose, and he scowls at them for being uptight. He is married to Illien, that often leads those he stays with to be cursed with bad luck and find themselves in horrible predicaments.