expand_less Zeagos is the patriarch of the Mironen pantheon - both as a leader and often literally the father of many of the gods he rules over. He has a clear design for perfection and order in his worlds, and uses his power to tilt the minds of all others in  favor of that vision. All perception is at influence to what Zeagos finds beautiful and fits within their vision of order and perfection. To those who oppose that design, they expect to be smited by Zeagos and his allies. Because of that, it is widely rumored that no ultimate order exists, and Zeagos acts primarily on ephemeral fancies and old grudges.
It is not known whether Zeagos is beautiful or not, only that all that view him see a different vision of beauty.
Though Zeagos wishes to be known first and foremost as a powerful leader, most also know his reputation as an adventerous lover and erotic schemer.
Zeagos holds some of his power in one of the holy celestial objects - the Fatherly Phaethon Star.
Gods have differing views on Zeagos. Many admire his ability to lead, his confidence, and his beauty, while others despise his arrogance, think of his actions as egomaniacal, and  ultimately think he does not deserve power.
RP: Zaegos Zeagos  has many of the qualities of the classic patriarchal leader. He has a particular fascination with sex, beauty, and how others see him, but he also cares deeply about instilling order and perfection opon the world. His past comes from a place of war, chaos, and lack of direction, and he sees his views as progressive and ultimately positive. A bit like a retired general from a war in another time. Despite what some might think, ZaegosZeagos is fairly self-aware of the sacrifices this ideology brings and he thinks it's worth it. Zaegos can control perception, how the living value's different things, and favors one thing as beuatiful, another as ugly, another as villainous, and naotheranother as heroic.
Visual: No one is sure if they are looking at the true Zaegos. Most often people report an image of a tall man, muscular, and graceful. All around him is a golden fire, rerflecting in his eyes, and he seems to gather the elements of the sky around him. The clouds, the stars, the eagles. His animal is the Golden Pheonix.