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Balla, Goddess of Winds

Balla is centered on the beauty of movement, both in creatures and in physicality itself. She created the winds so that nothing would ever stand truly still, and storms so that the trees and water would dance in sync. Her personality is very soft spoken and quiet, believing strongly that actions speak louder than words. She is the most grounded and humble of the major gods of the Mironen pantheon, and she originally overthrew the titans not out of a desire for power, but rather a desire for freedom. This idea of freedom carries over to her views of mortals, which far more intimate and personal than most other gods. She is in love with the structure of bodies, the way they can move, and the ability to hone and refine them. She sees a great beauty in all forms of perfected arts that rely on one's physical nature, most notably archery. The art of dance was likely created in her honor and as a method of dedicating time and practice towards her.