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Zoaraeos sees that the heavens, planets, stars, and planes stay in good spirits. They are the god of miracles suspended in a pure water. They are the South Star. It is said there they suspend all that could be and from this pattern of celestial markers divine prophecies beyond the understanding of even the gods.

Zoareos is an original member of the Aogos in the Far Halled chamber high over the Holy Isles of the Elhannai. Across from the infinite hall was Akullm, and they knew one another as friends and possibly lovers. Together they worked to see out the the motives of an ancient religion as commanded by Teurzg - the god of prayer. Due to the hall being infinite, to communicate they often need to shout or, more common, rely on Teurzg's ability to read and deliver prayers to anyone and anything.

In the ancient times, Zoareos was bound in their chamber by the immensity of all the heavens and fortune in a great floating pool. The Elhannai believe that the Aogos have always been, and soon after the waters and stars of Zoareos poured down to create the holy sea. The water itself was filled with a fate that willed to life all manner of creatures.

Zoareaos prefers the Minimum Eelbird and oversees the life of the holy sea.  In the first deaths of early life, they found much reason to be concerned with the stars and Zoareos began to be known as a god of prosperity and health. Some say that Zoareos controls the lifespans of mortals, holds mysteries in their eyes, and carries the elixir of life. They are often depicted with peaches,  a sign of good health.

Around the end of the nature era, the magical sea recedes, and the waters become banal. Zoareos goes missing for a time.

When the sky turns purple and cloudy on the centered earth, Zoareaos shines only the ten suns and ten moons. We know not why.

As time goes on, war increases, especially in the centered earth, and their is a large increase in worship to Zoareoas for luck, to save the lives of soldiers, and change the winner of the war. Many bones are burnt, stars observed, and scrolls inked in attempt to see what only this god can see.

However the stars begin to flicker out. Prophecies devined by mortals change in the Physical Era from confusing riddles about the future to impossible epic declerations that make no the slightest sense.


RP: Zoareaos is a masculine but androgynous god that is the only being that speaks the dead language of the stars and one of the few that believes in a dead religion that only the Aogos know. They barely understand the fortune of the stars themselves, and the ability to translate what they know to others is almost non-existant. Instead they attempt to do what they can to bring balance to the stars, planets, and the universe on their own, and send pieces of what they know to diviners, hoping they may parse it fine in pieces at least. Zoareaos is friends or lovers  with Akulmm. They are comfortable with an element of chaos, and have a bit of a live anxiety energy to them. Not nervous as much as knowing the impossibility of tackling fate, even for a god.

Visual: This god is a slightly masculine androgynous figure robed in bright colored cloths. They are sometimes the minium eelbird. They are often depicted with the elixir of life, peaches, and other signs of good health and long life. All stars, planets, and  the planes are for this god, but the South Star is often their main celestial symbol. They are also known for the ocean and water. Ther are attributed with turning or being left of center.

Zoreaos is suspended in a holy water that represents fate and the never ending composition of the cosmos, the stars, the moons, and so on.  They hold a ruyi. Thier hair is curled and objects from them often spiral, copying the orbits and gravities of the heavens.