Ela is the color of spirituality and faith.  It's the sum of your principles and values, enshrining your moral and ethical code of conduct.  Essentially it describes the intentions, if not the means, by which a person chooses to act.

With Vei, Ela carries the additional weight of honor and betrayal.  Trust, accusations, and justice all emerge from these colors.

With Rha, Ela helps define your character or personal style.  Some believe that these are the base colors of the soul, or that they're the basis of one's social life and interactions.

With Biz, Ela serves as life-giving water or the cold chill of winter.  It also describes creatures that dwell in those habitats, such as swimming creatures.

Pfi and Jutu are the colors with the least associations with Ela.  Logic and technology have little concern for your beliefs.  Rogues trust no one and believe little, and so that role is generally in opposition to Ela (and Rha).

A pious cleric or political activist might be good examples of an Ela-based character.  They are true believers with Biz and Vei as supporting colors, and a conflict with Rha.  They often clash with leaders or the ruling class, and their efforts are aimed at converting others or enacting social change.

In the real world, a figure such as Mahatma Gandhi would be based in Ela, given his personal convictions and commitment to his cause.  He'd have the support of his wealthy family and caste (Biz) or his wisdom and sensibilities (Vei), and he'd challenge the imperialists (Rha).  Arguably, the man was actually much more complex, valuing goals such as love, truth, freedom, and peace simultaneously.  

Ela maps most closely to the classic color Cyan:

Hex: 00FFFF
RGB: (0, 255, 255)
HSV: (180, 100, 100)

Other associations:

  • Initiation
  • Followers
  • North
  • Identity