Illien is known as the Mother of Prosperity, due to her giving nature and tendency to shower mortals with favorable odds. However, she does this not out of generosity but out of a desire to show the beauty of the web of fate, and to demonstrate her own abilities in manipulating it. As she grew used to the praise, she began to send back luck when her worship slowed, and punished those who spoke out against her with natural disasters and other forms of public, visible misfortune. She tricked Axxio into marrying her by claiming her presence would bring fortune in all endeavors, and that without her he would face terrible hardships and misfortune. She made this true any time he attempted to leave her, cursing him with bad luck and watching with profound amusement as the very world itself seems to conspire against him. She seems to have very little actual understanding of her powers, just some form of innate ability to control them.