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Porem, God of Mischief

Porem portrays himself as a carefree, nonchalant socializer who is earnest and heartfelt, but a little lacking in wits. For a considerable amount of time, he was viewed as the God of Inner Beauty due to this charade. In reality, he is clever and an expert manipulator, who puts on a facade of simplicity to distract from his cunning. He is a master at getting others to do his dirty work for him, and watching from the distance with a smirk as all his perfectly crafted plans are executed. He can make anyone believe just about any lie, and uses that to gain a web of allies, and has constructed many of the rivalries and dislikes between other gods to suit his own needs. Much of his trickery is done simply for the purpose of seeing how elegant and beautiful a well laid plan is, and how satisfying it is to see the wonders of his own talent. His largest shortcoming is his vanity - He feels the need for others to know how beautiful his actions are, and that eventually leads to him becoming well known as the roguish manipulator he is.