3.P First, Second, and Third Party Sources+First-Party

  • Arms and Equipment Guide

  • Book of Challenges

  • Book of Exalted Deeds

  • Book of Vile Darkness

  • Cityscape

  • Complete Adventurer

  • Complete Arcane

  • Complete Champion

  • Complete Divine

  • Complete Mage

  • Complete Psionic

  • Complete Scoundrel

  • Complete Warrior

  • Defenders of the Faith

  • Deities and Demigods

  • Draconomicon

  • Dragon Magic

  • Dungeon Master's Guide I

  • Dungeon Master's Guide II

  • Dungeon Survival Guide

  • Dungeonscape

  • Elder Evils

  • Enemies and Allies

  • Epic Level Handbook

  • Exemplars of Evil: Deady Foes to Vex Your Heros

  • Expanded Psionics Handbook

  • Fiend Folio

  • Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss

  • Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells

  • Frostburn

  • Ghostwalk

  • Hero Builder's Guidebook

  • Heroes of Battle

  • Heroes of Horror

  • Libris Mortis

  • Lords of Madness

  • Magic Item Compendium

  • Magic of Incarnum

  • Manual of the Planes

  • Masters of the Wild

  • Miniatures Handbook

  • Monster Manual I

  • Monster Manual II

  • Monster Manual III

  • Monster Manual IV

  • Monster Manual V

  • Oriental Adventures

  • Planar Handbook

  • Player's Handbook I

  • Player's Handbook II

  • Psionics Handbook

  • Races of Destiny

  • Races of Stone

  • Races of the Dragon

  • Races of the Wild

  • Rules Compendium

  • Sandstorm

  • Savage Species

  • Song and Silence

  • Spell Compendium

  • Stormwrack

  • Stronghold Builder's Guidebook

  • Sword and Fist

  • Tome and Blood

  • Tome of Battle

  • Tome of Magic

  • Unearthed Arcana

  • Weapons of Legacy

  • Barrow of the Forgotten King

  • Bastion of Broken Souls

  • Caves of Shadow

  • Deep Horizon

  • Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

  • Expedition to the Demonweb Pits

  • Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

  • Fantastic Locations: City of Peril

  • Fantastic Locations: Dragondown Grotto

  • Fantastic Locations: Fane of the Drow

  • Fantastic Locations: Fields of Ruin

  • Fantastic Locations: Hellspike Prison

  • Fantastic Locations: The Frostfell Rift

  • Forge of Fury, The

  • Fortress of the Yuan-Ti

  • Fright at Tristor, The

  • Grasp of the Emerald Claw

  • Heart of Nightfang Spire

  • Lord of the Iron Fortress

  • Red Hand of Doom

  • Return to the Tempe of Elemental Evil

  • Scourge of the Howling Horde

  • Shadows of the Last War

  • Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde, The

  • Sinister Spire, The

  • Speaker in Dreams, The

  • Standing Stone, The

  • Sunless Citadel, The

  • Voyage of the Golden Dragon

  • Whispers of the Vampire's Blade

  • A Frigid Demise

  • A Harvest of Evil

  • A Question of Ethics

  • An Eye for an Eye

  • An Icy Heart

  • Base of Operations

  • Black Rain

  • Desert Sands

  • Drow of the Underdark

  • Fang, Beak, and Claw

  • Ghosts of Aniel, The

  • Haunting Lodge

  • House of Harpies

  • Into the Frozen Waste

  • Manifesting: A Tale

  • Ministry of Winds, The

  • One Last Riddle

  • Sea Witch, The

  • Secret of the Windswept Wall, The

  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

  • Something's Cooking

  • Start at the End

  • Test of the Demonweb

  • The Alchemist's Eyrie

  • The Burning Plague

  • The Crumbling Hall of the Frost Giant Jarl

  • The Ettin's Riddle

  • Thicker Than Water

  • Tiger's Palace

  • Tower of Deception, The

  • Treasure of the Black Veils, The

  • Vessel of Stars, The

  • A Dark and Stormy Night

  • Bad Light

  • Bad Mood Waning

  • Cave of the Spiders

  • Dry Spell

  • Environmental Impact

  • Fait Accompli

  • Fallen Angel

  • Force of Nature

  • Frozen Whispers

  • Hasken's Manor

  • III Wind in Friezford

  • Legend of the Silver Skeleton

  • Lest Darkness Rise

  • Lochfell's Secret

  • March of the Sane

  • Matters of Vengeance

  • Primerose Path

  • Return to the Temple of the Frog

  • Road to Oblivion

  • Sheep's Clothing

  • Shoals of Intrigue

  • Shrine of the Feathered Serpent

  • Stone Dead

  • Tarus's Banquet

  • The Eye of the Sun

  • The Temple of Redcliff

  • The Thunder Below

  • To Quell the Rising Storm

  • Tomb of Horrors

  • Tower in the Ice

  • War of Dragons

  • White Plume Mountain

  • Wreck Ashore

  • An Adventurer's Guide to Eberron

  • City of Stormreach

  • Deluxe Eberron Dungeon Master's Screen

  • Deluxe Eberron Player Character Sheets

  • Dragonmarked

  • Eberron Campaign Setting

  • Explorer's Handbook

  • Eyes of the Lich Queen

  • Faiths of Eberron

  • Five Nations

  • Forge of War, The

  • Grasp of the Emerald Claw

  • Magic of Eberron

  • Player's Guide to Eberron

  • Races of Eberron

  • Secrets of Sarlona

  • Secrets of Xen'drik

  • Shadows of the Last War

  • Sharn: City of Towers

  • Voyage of the Golden Dragon

  • Whispers of the Vampire's Blade

  • Faiths and Pantheons

  • Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting

  • Into the Dragon's Lair

  • Lords of Darkness

  • Magic of Faerun

  • Monster Compendium: Monsters of Faerun

  • Pool of Radiance: Attack on Myth Drannor

  • Races of Faerun

  • Silver Marches

  • Unapproachable East

  • Anauroch: The Empire of Shade

  • Champions of Ruin

  • Champions of Valor

  • City of Splendors: Waterdeep

  • City of the Spider Queen

  • Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave

  • Dragons of Faerun

  • Expedition to Undermountain

  • Fairths and Pantheons

  • Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting

  • Grand History of the Realms, The

  • Into the Dragon's Lair

  • Lords of Darkness

  • Lost Empires of Faerun

  • Magic of Faerun

  • Monsters of Faerun

  • Mysteries of the Moonsea

  • Players Guide to Faerun

  • Pool of Radiance: Attack on Myth Drannor

  • Power of Faerun

  • Races of Faerun

  • Serpent Kingdoms

  • Shadowdale: The Scouring of the Land

  • Shining South

  • Silver Marches

  • Sons of Gruumsh

  • Twilight Tomb, The

  • Unapprochable East

  • Underdark

Adapted from "A Guide to Free D&D", originally by Garryl from minmaxboards.


Races and Templates


Savage Progressions and Monster Classes


Template Classes

Transition Classes



Alternative Features and Substitution Classes

All Classes



Divine Mind








Psychic Warrior




Spirit Shaman





Prestige Classes



Expanded Skill Uses

Skill Tricks

Teamwork Benefits




Feat Tables


Arcane and Divine Magic (Spells and Domains)




Psionics (Powers and Mantles)




Alternative Magic Systems (Invocations, Maneuvers, Mysteries, Soulmelds, Vestiges, and others)







Monsters and Non-Player Templates



Astral Construct Forms


Pre-generated NPCs




Weapon Properties

Armor and Shield Properties


Special Materials and Modifications

Legacy Items






Magical Locations

Planar Touchstones



Epic Classes, Feats, and More

Base Classes

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Epic Classes


Epic Spells



Races and Templates



Apprentice Psions, Apprentice Psychic Warriors


Prestige Classes




Arcane and Divine Magic (Spells and Domains)


Psionics (Powers and Mantles)










Races and Templates


Alternative Features and Substitution Classes

Fighter - Zhentarim Soldier, Monk - Hin Disciple, Dark Moon Disciple, Paladin - Harmonious Knight, Shadow Cloak Knight, Wayward Warden, Rogue - Golden Hands of Vergadain, Wizard - High One Warrior-Wizard


Prestige Classes




Arcane and Divine Magic (Spells and Domains)


Alternative Magic Systems (Invocations, Maneuvers, Mysteries, Soulmelds, Vestiges, and others)

Tome of Battle Maneuvers








Races and Templates


Prestige Classes




Download unavailable (use archive.org): Combine Turning, Elf Blood


Arcane and Divine Magic (Spells and Domains)










Prestige Classes - Animal Lord, Arcane Trickster, Bladesinger, Bloodhound, Cavalier, Deepwood Sniper, Divine Agent, Dragon Disciple, Duelist, Dungeon Delver, Elemental Savant, Frenzied Berserker, Gatecrasher, Holy Liberator, Hospitaler, Master Samurai, Planar Champion, Planeshifter, Ninja of the Crescent Moon, Spymaster, Templar, Temple Raider of Olidammara, Thief-Acrobat, Warpriest



Great Throw
Daylight Adaptation
Wild Talent (Adon)

Energy Bow
Toy Lightning Rail, Thaskor Doll, Jelly Rod, Silver Raven
Legacy Items in Eberron

Kobold Age Categories
Silver Flame Variant of Radiant Servant of Pelor
OGC Prestige Races from Dragon 304, transcribed by TML
Lair Hazards (Chlorine Haze, Dracolich Slough, Dragon Mold, Fear Moths, Gem Dragon Dust, Magic Shrieker Moss, Shadow Slime)

Astral Tasker VI/VII, Crystal Lodge
Amulet of Spirit Storing, Catspaws, Falcon Cloak, Mirror of Scrying, Mantle of Rage, Ring of Nine Lives, Reflex (Weapon Quality)
Collar of Noise, Goggles of Others' Sight, Rapier of Rapid Fire, Ring of Cacophony
Oriental Bard Variant, Biwa of Listening
Icerazor, Coldbolt, Rod of Retriever Eyes, Rod of Wizardry, Darternae's Sword, Karienne's Fiery Mace of Retribution, Nosh's Energy Whip
April Fools - Bluff ("I Meant to Do That"), Handle Humanoid, Variant Feline Familiars with Feats, Don't Mind Me, Flop, Healing Chi, Improved Flop, Interspecies Grace, Slow Fall, Twining Trip, Weight Focus, Writhe, Domain - Cat, Allerigic Reaction, Cat Gravity, Kitten's Cuteness, Cheshire Cat, Eschew Materials, Belled Collar, Collar of Perpetual Attendance, Flea Powder
Vale Sounders
Candles of Cheerful Burning
Golden Rope of Temporal Stasis
Eye Patch of See Invisibility
Undiminished Star
Mithral Chain of Woe, Firestaff of Aunagar the Black
Nijel's Ring
Virtuoso, Fang of Lolth, Fang Scarab
Vermin Control, Vermin Defiance, Speak With Vermin, Vermin Friendship
Mirror of Sending, Window Frame of Ethereal Jaunt
Taglaruth the Shadowmaster, Staff of Shadows
Net of Shadows, Shadow Well, Shadow Hand
Spellblade (Weapon Quality)
April Fools - Pie Fiend Devil
April Fools - The Book of Crunchy Goodness, The Rubber Ducky of Many Things, Becky's Clenched Fist, Spill Resistance
Expanded Fiendish Summon Monsters
Expanded Celestial Summon Monsters




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  • Ultimate Campaign
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  • Book of the Damned
  • Ultimate Wilderness
  • Planar Adventures

  • Rise of the Runelords
  • Curse of the Crimson Throne
  • Second Darkness
  • Legacy of Fire
  • Council of Thieves
  • Kingmaker
  • Serpent's Skill
  • Carrion Crown
  • Jade Regent
  • Skull & Shackles
  • Shattered Star
  • Reign of Winter
  • Wrath of the Righteous
  • Mummy's Mask
  • Iron Gods
  • Giantslayer
  • Hell's Rebels
  • Hell's Vengeance
  • Strange Aeons
  • Ironfany Invasion
  • Ruins of Azlant
  • War for the Crown
  • Return of the Runelords
  • Tyrant's Grasp





  • Academy of Secrets
  • Broken Chains
  • Carrion Hill
  • City of Golden Death
  • Cradle of Night
  • Crypt of the Everflame
  • Cult of the Ebon Destroyers
  • Curse of the Riven Sky
  • Daughters of Fury
  • Dawn of the Scarlet Sun
  • Doom Comes to Dustpawn
  • Down the Blighted Path
  • Fangwoord Keep
  • Feast of Dust
  • Feast of Ravenmoor
  • From Shore to Sea
  • Gallows of Madness
  • Ire of the Storm
  • Masks of the Living God
  • Master of the Fallen Fortress
  • Murder's Mark
  • No Response from Deepmar
  • Plunder & Peril
  • Realm of the Fellnight Queen
  • Risen from the Sands
  • Seers of the Drowned City
  • Tears at Bitter Manor
  • The Dragon's Demand
  • The Emerald Spire Superdungeon
  • The Guantlet
  • The Godsmouth Heresy
  • The Harrowing
  • The House on Hook Street
  • The Midnight Mirror
  • The Moonscar
  • The Ruby Pheonix Tournament
  • The Witchwar Legacy
  • Tomb of the Iron Medusa
  • Wardens of the Reborn Forge
  • We B4 Goblins!
  • We Be 5uper Goblins!
  • We Be Goblins Free!
  • We Be Goblins Too!
  • We Be Goblins!
  • Thornkeep

  • Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom
  • Aquatic Adventures
  • Artifacts & Legends
  • Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes
  • Campaign Setting
  • Carrion Crown Poster Map Folio
  • Castles of the Inner Sea
  • Cheliax, The Infernal Empire
  • Chronicle of the Righteous
  • Cities of Golarion
  • City Map Folio
  • City of Strangers
  • Classic Horrors Revisited
  • Classic Monsters Revisited
  • Classic Treasures Revisited
  • Concordance of Rivals
  • Construct Handbook
  • Council of Thieves Map Folio
  • Curse of the Crimson Throne Map Folio
  • Dark Markets: A Guide to Katapesh
  • Darklands Revisited
  • Demons Revisited
  • Distant Realms
  • Distant Shores
  • Distant Worlds
  • Dragon Empires Gazetteer
  • Dragons Revisited
  • Dragons Unleashed
  • Druma, Profit and Prophecy
  • Dungeon Denizens Revisited
  • Dungeons of Golarion
  • Faction Guide
  • Faiths of Golarion
  • Fey Revisited
  • Gazetteer
  • Giants Revisited
  • Giantslayer Poster Map Folio
  • Gods and Magic
  • Guide to Absalom
  • Guide to Darkmoon Vale
  • Guide to Korvosa
  • Guide to the River Kingdoms
  • Harrow Deck
  • Heart of the Jungle
  • Heaven Unleashed
  • Hell Unleashed
  • Hell's Rebels Poster Map Folio
  • Hell's Vengeance Poster Map Folio
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  • Iron Gods Poster Map Folio
  • Ironfang Invasion Poster Map Folio
  • Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter
  • Isles of the Shackles
  • Jade Regent Poster Map Folio
  • Kingmaker Poster Map Folio
  • Lands of Conflict
  • Lands of the Linnorm Kings
  • Legacy of Fire Map Folio
  • Lords of Chaos, Book of the Damned Volume 2
  • Lost Cities of Golarion
  • Lost Kingdoms
  • Lost Treasures
  • Magnimar, City of Monuments
  • Misfit Monsters Redeemed
  • Mummy's Mask Poster Map Folio
  • Mystery Monsters Revisited
  • Mythic Realms
  • Mythical Monsters Revisited
  • Nidal, Land of Shadows
  • NPC Guide
  • Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars
  • Occult Bestiary
  • Occult Mysteries
  • Occult Realms
  • Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs
  • Path of the Hellknight
  • Pathfinder Society Field Guide
  • Paths of Prestige
  • Planes of Power
  • Princes of Darkness
  • Qadira, Jewel of the East
  • Reign of Winter Poster Map Folio
  • Return of the Runelords Poster Map Folio
  • Rise of the Runelords Map Folio
  • Rival Guide
  • Ruins of Azlant Poster Map Folio
  • Rule of Fear
  • Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast
  • Second Darkness Map Folio
  • Seekers of Secrets
  • Serpent's Skull Poster Map Folio
  • Shattered Star Poster Map Folio
  • Ships of the Inner Sea
  • Skull and Shackles Poster Map Folio
  • Strange Aeons Poster Map Folio
  • Taldor, the First Empire
  • Technology Guide
  • The First World, Realm of the Fey
  • The Great Beyond
  • The Inner Sea World Guide
  • The Worldwound
  • Tombs of Golarion
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  • Tyrant's Grasp Poster Map Folio
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  • Undead Unleashed
  • War for the Crown Map Folio
  • Wrath of the Righteous Poster Map Folio

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  • Alchemy Manual
  • Andoran, Spirit of Liberty
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  • Antihero's Handbook
  • Arcane Anthology
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  • Blood of Fiends
  • Blood of Shadows
  • Blood of the Ancients
  • Blood of the Beast
  • Blood of the Coven
  • Blood of the Elements
  • Blood of the Moon
  • Blood of the Night
  • Blood of the Sea
  • Champions of Balance
  • Champions of Corruption
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  • Cheliax, Empire of Devils
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  • Demon Hunter's Handbook
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  • Divine Anthology
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  • Haunted Heroes Handbook
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