expand_less The [[3.P Tiered Gestalt Rules]] were intended to solve the single most important issue with the D&D 3.5 / Pathfinder system, but a few more house rules are necessary (mostly for high-fantasy / high-power play).  See also the [[3.P Gameplay House Rules]] once you've completed character creation.
In no particular order:
{{+Meta Rules|closed}}
{{+Edition Compatibility|closed}}
{{+First, Second, and Third Party sources|closed}}
{{+Epic and Mythic rules|closed}}
{{+Heroic Ability Point buy|closed}}{{+High Fantasy Ability Point buy|closed}}
{{+Level up in any order|closed}}
{{+Automatic Bonus Progression|closed}}
{{+Public and Private Alignments|closed}}
{{+Max HP per level|closed}}
{{+Fractional Base Bonuses|closed}}
{{+Background Skills|closed}}
{{+Skill changes|closed}}
{{+Gestalt ability score increases|closed}}
{{+Class resources are cumulative|closed}}
{{+Reflavoring Setting Specific rules|closed}}